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Is dog worming important?

The short answer is yes. Worms is the most common health problem for all dogs, and it is important to try to minimise their discomfort and the risk of worms spreading to other dogs and your family.

How do I know if my dog has worms?

Some of the most common symptoms of dog worms are as follows: Visible evidence of worms or worm eggs in your dog's fur or around the animal's anus, also evidence of worms or worm eggs in the dog's faeces. Loss of vitality - dull coat, weight loss despite increased appetite, general weakness and distress. Itching - If your dog is scratching overly, particularly if there is itching around the anus, it may require dog worming tablets. Bloated stomach - This is a common symptom of dog worms, particularly in puppies. Sickness - if your dog is suffering from vomiting this may be a sign of dog worms which can be cured with a dog worming treatment, if there are worms visible in the vomit this is definitely the cause. Diarrhoea - This may indicate the need for dog worming, particularly if there is blood in it

Is dog worming expensive?

Regular dog worming is an easy an inexpensive way to keep your animal free of dog worms, with some treatments costing as little as 2 or 3 pounds. Click here Click here for dog worming tablets and treatments.

Is dog worming difficult to do?

Dog worming treatments generally come in the form of dog worming tablets or dog worming granules which are simply put into an animal's food and eaten along with their meal. Most dogs will have no idea so the dog worming treatment is administered with no difficulties at all, however, for the more fussy animals there are dog worming treatments available in the form of tasty dog treats.

Is dog worming safe?

There are a number of recognised treatments available for dog worming which are tried and tested. Make sure you buy your dog worming products from a recognised supplier just to be on the safe side.

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Dog Worming

1. Dog worming is essential; almost all dogs suffer with worms at some point during their life.

2. Though it's impossible to prevent worms, dog worming treatments are inexpensive and easy to administer.


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Dog Worming

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